What is 180:1?

The top paid Harvard employee earns 180 times the salary of the lowest. Join us in calling for Harvard to manage and invest its financial resources in a transparent and socially responsible manner, and to negotiate a fair contract for custodians that provides quality health care, extends benefit parity, and offers more opportunities for full-time work.

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"On Harvard's 375th, what are we celebrating?
As the endowment grows beyond $32 billion and members of the Harvard Management Company earn millions of dollars a year, custodians struggle to pay medical bills, put food on the table, and find time to see their children. Faced with these challenges, custodians workers are currently negotiating with the University for a fair contract. As students, workers, faculty, alumni, and parents, we support these members of our community in their negotiations for a contract that ensures fairness, parity, dignity and respect. We call Harvard to bargain in good faith to:
- Create more opportunities for full-time work
- End speed-ups
- Extend tuition, childcare, and disability benefits to all subcontracted workers
- End split shifts and favoritism in job and overtime assignments

We call on Harvard to honor its obligations to the community by using its financial resources in a transparent and socially responsible manner. We ask that Harvard not reinvest in HEI, a hotel company
that has been accused of unfair labor practices. We also ask Harvard to support the Higher Education Transparency Act, which aims to make Massachusetts universities more democratic, equitable, and
accountable institutions."

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